I-1600 Endorsed by the Washington State Democratic Party

first-post.pngThe Washington State Democratic party just voted overwhelmingly to endorse I-1600. 

On January 28th, just days after I-1600 received our initiative number, the Washington Democrats Disabilities Issues Caucus and the Washington Democrats Progressive Caucus passed a resolution calling for the endorsement of I-1600, and the Washington Democrats Affirmative Action Committee endorsed I-1600.

The next day, by a near unanimous vote, the entire Washington State Democratic Central Committee passed the resolution. We are proud and honored to have this endorsement, and we are also pleased to have the support of many other groups, elected officials, and candidates around the state! [full list here]

If your group has voted to endorse us, please email us at info@wholewashington.org. To pass a resolution in support of I-1600, please download this document and take it to your organization. Thank you!!

  • commented 2018-02-12 19:03:52 -0800
    Love, Hope and Action dear ones! I hope everyone who sees this takes the time to volunteer, because YOU choose your level of involvement! This tool just connects you up the Whole Wa community and will give you the support that we ALL need! We are all volunteers and many of us are just starting out—with nothing more than Love, Hope and a Willingness to Act!!

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