I-1600 needs your help

Running an initiative campaign is expensive. Printing petitions and the postage for mailing them requires significant money. More importantly, we have to plan for the later stages of the fight. Once we're on the ballot, we'll need strong communication, including advertising. The opposition's pockets are deep, so let's build up our resources right now. 

  • Be a financial backer. $27 will print 100 petitions!
  • Better yet, be a monthly supporter with a recurring donation. Remember, it's a finite amount of time. Please consider this option for a more sustainable campaign!

The effort we put in now--both in time and money, will pay us back many, many times over in savings and security.  

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Payable to Whole Washington and mail to:

Whole Washington
PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127

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