The Freedom to Live

The Final Stage of the Campaign!

Signatures must be turned into the Secretary of State by July 6th. To make the ballot we need 260,000 valid signatures. Qualifying is still possible. There are enough petitions in circulation to make the goal, and volunteers are actively and passionately collecting, so do this!

Please note, any process that involves the mail has a deadline of June 30th.

Order or return petitions by mail by June 30th

Here's what you need to know and do:

I want to sign the petition!

  1. Check out Where Do I Sign for a list of businesses that have a petition on-site. OR
  2. Order your own petition.
    1. You don’t need to fill it up completely to return it. Get as many as you can and send it back. Volunteers will be happy to complete it.
    2. Deadline to order a petition by mail is June 30th!

I have signatures I need to turn in!

Review the instructions at Return a Petition and pick one of three options:

  1. Mail the petition back. Please send back by June 30th! OR
  2. Find a Drop-Off location OR
  3. Contact us and we’ll try to connect you with a volunteer close to you.

I’m getting signatures and need more petitions!

You are on fire! Keep it up! You can either:

  1. Order more petitions. Deadline to order by mail is June 30th! OR
  2. Find a Pick-Up location. Scroll down to search by location.
  3. Contact us at if you have questions.

If you need help, check out our Signature Gathering Tips, or if you want ideas on where to find the crowds, check out our Signature Gathering Events.

And never forget why we’re doing this…

We Want Everyone to Have
High‑Quality, Comprehensive Healthcare


By 'everyone' we mean every single resident of Washington State. Our healthcare should not be tied to our employment, our spouse, our age, or our ability to pay.

By 'comprehensive' we mean inpatient, outpatient, vision, dental, mental healthcare services, and more.

We want the care our doctor recommends, not what an insurance company decides or is willing to pay.

We Want to Change the Way We Pay

Instead of paying profit-motivated insurance companies, we want fair and dedicated taxes to fund a trust that covers our healthcare expenses.

We want the elimination of deductibles, co-pays, unaffordable prescriptions, and other unpredictable out-of-pocket costs, and no more medical bankruptcies or crowdfunding campaigns, ever.

We want to pay nothing at the time services are rendered. We want to walk out of the hospital or doctor’s office with no bills looming ahead of us.

pie infographic

We Want Freedom

We want to go to the doctor of our choice. No networks, referrals, or prior authorizations.

We want freedom from worry. If we’re sick or injured, we want to focus on healing, not financial ruin. If we’re healthy, we want the preventive care to stay that way.

We don’t want to be locked into jobs or relationships out of fear of losing health insurance. We want the freedom to pursue our dreams.

We Believe Our Health is Our Wealth.
It's Time to Invest in Our Most Valuable Resource:



Help Us Make Our Goal


To make November’s ballot we must have 300,000 signatures by July 1st. There isn’t an online option for signing. The petitions are legal documents. However, we can mail a petition or petitions to you.

  • Each petition has 20 lines.
  • If you can get 10-20 signatures from registered Washington voters, order a petition.
  • If you can get more, great! Order more than one. Order what you’re able to fill.

When you’re ready, refer to Return Petition(s) to get them turned in as soon as possible. Thanks for participating in this movement. Together, we can do this!




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